Without a charger, your device is useless! 

The ChargerLeash Charge, Sync & Alarm Cable for portable devices is the perfect accessory for our tech-dependent lives when you can't be without your charger while on the road...or at home! 

What is the ChargerLeash? 

ChargerLeash is a fully functional high-performance charge and sync cable with built-in intelligence that pairs or "leashes" your portable device with any USB charger. When you disconnect your device from the cable (power source) the ChargerLeash will alert you within seconds using an audible alarm. No more chargers left behind in hotel rooms, meeting rooms, airports or even at home as you rush out the door for that important trip. The ChargerLeash also works as an anti-theft device to keep your devices secure from would be thieves that might walk away with your smartphone or tablet while charging in public places. Rapid Charging and Synching Utilizing certified connectors, the ChargerLeash is designed to charge rapidly and sync the latest devices from Apple, Samsung, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. The cable makes it easy to connect your device to your computer to sync music, photos and videos. Connect the cable to a wall or car charger with USB port, and you will be able to charge your device at maximum speeds.


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